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San Juan Cruise Port
Description San Juan port is split into 3 areas. Old San Juan quays 1 thru 6, the Pan American pier, and Navy Frontier pier. Normally cruise ships dayporting at San Juan berth at the Old San Juan Piers, so pax have quick access to Old San Juan. Ships originating from San Juan will berth at Old San Juan pier 4, or the Pan American Pier.

Number of Cruise Terminals 3

Pier Length 1800m (Old San Juan), 550m (Pan American), 600m (Navy Frontier)

Cruise Ship Departures Per Year 350

Port Authority Autoridad De Los Puertos De Puerto Rico

Port Website Port of San Juan 

Longitude/Latitude 18.461068, -66.110272

Cruise Calendar Cruises From San Juan

Cruise Terminals Map TBA

Current Marine Traffic NA

Country Puerto Rico

Currency USD

Timezone AST