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Cruise Port Notes - San Diego
Description The San Diego Cruise Terminal is positioned at 1140 North Harbor Drive at the B Street Pier, very close to San Diego's city center. The terminal is modern with a complete variety of facilities for passengers. The berths at San Diego cruise terminal are numbered in the following way. Quays on the north of B Street pier are one and two, on the west 3, and on the southside 4 and 5. The berths on the Broadway pier are numbered identically. On each of the B Street and Broadway piers, quays 1 and 2 are combined to handle a large cruise ship, as are four and five. Berth three is kept for smaller vessels. So the cruise port has the ability to dock four cruise ships at the same time. The Port of San Diego is building a new cruise ship terminal on Broadway Pier, due to open in 2010.

Number of Cruise Terminals 2

Pier Length 1100m

Cruise Ship Departures Per Year 250

Port Authority Unified Port of San Diego

Port Website Port of San Diego

Longitude/Latitude 32.715811, -117.175798

Cruise Calendar Cruises From San Diego

Cruise Terminals Map San Diego Cruise Port Map

Current Marine Traffic San Diego Marine Traffic

Country USA

Currency USD

Timezone PTZ