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Cruise Port Notes - Venice
Description Venice Cruise Terminal contains three main areas: the Marittima basin, which can berth the biggest  ships that visit Venice, and the smaller Santa Marta and San Basilio quays, just around the corner from the Marittima in the Fusina Canal.

Marittima is the largest of the ship docks at the Port of Venice's Venezia Terminal Passeggeri, with four terminal buildings and enough docking space to handle several large ships simultaneously.  The basin is made up of the Isonzo Quay with Isonzo 1 and Isonzo 2 terminals, the Tagliamento Quay with the 107/108 terminal, and the TM Quay with the 117 terminal.

Santa Marta/San Basilio  is the long wharf than  runs to the Fondamenta Zàttere, the promenade beside the southern bank of the Giudecca Canal.  Each terminal services a single quay.

Cruise Ship Departures Per Year 220

Port Authority  Port Of Venice

Latitude/Longitude  45.4328,12.3084

Cruise Calendar Cruises from Venice

Current Marine Traffic Venice Marine Traffic

Country Italy

Currency EUR

Timezone CET/CEST

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Venice Cruise Ship Referendum

Recently No Grandi Navi held an unofficial referendum held in Venice. The result was an overwhelming majority to ban cruise ships from the city. Surely something will change soon?

Re: Venice Cruise Ship Referendum

There is a huge amount of resource tied up in the current cruise port, and the city authorities will surely be loath to change the current arrangments.

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