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Cruise Port Notes - Piraeus


Cruise ships berth in the Port of Piraeus situated on the southern side of Piraeus. The port sits on the Saronic Gulf, on the Aegean Sea. The port is an important ferry port, for the many Greek Islands. Greece is composed of a multitude of islands, so ferries are vital and ferries arrive at and leave from Piraeus round the clock. The cruise ship berths are located on the southern side of the harbor. Cruiseliners moor at either Cruise Terminal A or Cruise Terminal B.

Cruise Terminal A (Akti Miaouli) Accessed by gate E11, is located in mid-harbour sandwiched by the Mioulis and Xaveris docks.

Cruise Terminal B (Themistocles) Approached by gate E12, lies at the entrance of the harbour, inside the Termistokleous pier.

Number of Cruise Terminals 2

Pier Lengths Akti Miaouli 1265m Themistocles 595m

Cruise Ship Turnarounds Per Year 300 (2017)

Cruise Ship Calls Per Year 280 (2017)

Port Authority Piraeus Port Authority S.A.

Latitude/Longitude 37.938583, 23.636695

Cruise Calendar Cruises from Athens

Country Greece