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Miami Cruise Port

Description  Miami Port is positioned at Dodge Island, a piece of reclaimed land in Biscayne Bay created by the merging of 3 islands, Dodge, Lummus and Sam’s. The port is only 5 minutes from downtown Miami.  Port Boulevard, which runs over the Intracoastal Waterway, connects the port to the city. The cruise port operates eight cruise terminal buildings. The B/C, D, E, F and G terminals are on the north of Dodge island, terminal H on the west, and terminal J on the south. The cargo vessel facility is at the south of the island. Cruise terminals D and E, which opened in 2007, are the newest. They are capable of docking mega cruise ships. The total span of all cruise ship berths is nearly 2200m. Eight cruiseships can dock at once. Every terminal has  the essential amenities, including shops, bars, check in, cab ranks and eateries. Extra facilities at terminals D and E include airport style check-in desks, automated style luggage processing, and an all-in-one  Federal Multi-Agency Desk, with US Customs and Border Protection, Immigration Office and US Department of Agriculture.

Number of Cruise Terminals 8

Pier Length 2200m

Cruise Ship Departures Per Year 800

Port Authority Miami Dade County

Port Website
Port of Miami 

Longitude/Latitude 25.778329,-80.167494

Cruise Calendar  Cruises From Miami

Cruise Terminals Map  Miami Cruise Port Map

Current Marine Traffic  Miami Marine Traffic

Pilots  BBPilots

Online Chart Chart 11468

Country USA

Currency USD

Timezone  ETZ

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New Terminals At Port Miami

Two new cruise terminals at Port Miami are currently in the pipeline. Firstly new cruise terminal A for Royal Caribbean's Oasis class ships, due to open late in 2018, and secondly new cruise terminal AAA for MSC, due to open in 2022.

Re: New Terminals At Port Miami

With this expansion, Miami looks sure to retain its (self-appointed) title as cruise capital of the world :) Though not sure why MSC's new terminal is to be called AAA rather that the more obvious AA. Ummm?

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